Testing Phase Noise of

Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXOs

Challenges and Solutions

Cross correlation technique is used to
test phase noise of ULPN OCXOs

Four test instruments are evaluated:

• Noise XT DCNTS

• Agilent's E5052B

• Symetricomm 5120A-01

• Anapico APPH6000

Each is rated in terms of:

• Accuracy

• Speed

• Ease of use

• Range

• Cost

• Ease of data retrieval

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Ultra Low Phase Noise


• SC-cut crystal

• Ultra low phase noise

• Sine wave or HCMOS/TTL output

• Low aging

• Ideal for instrumentation, telecommunication
   systems, data communications, GPS, and
   COTS/dual use

• Oven alarm and Oscillator Enable/Disable for
   test measurement

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