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Will you be there?

Come see NEL at the International Microwave Symposium June 2 – 7,
in Boston. We'll be showcasing our latest products, and we're excited
to show you how they can streamline your processes. Stop by our
booth at IMS to learn about ways that NEL can help at any stage of
product development.

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Precision Ultra Low Phase Noise OCXO
in 36 x 27 mm "Europack"


• .1 and .01 Hz offset

• Outstanding close to carrier low phase noise

• SC-cut crystal

• High Stability

• Low Aging

• Ultra Low Phase Noise

Extraordinary (E)

-89 dBc/Hz at 0.1 Hz
-120 dBc/Hz at 1 Hz
-148 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz
-170 dBc/Hz on the floor

• Sine Wave output +14 dBm TYP


• Instrumentation

• Telecommunication Systems

• COTS/Dual use


• Radar


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